Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Great friends!

My friends must really feel sorry for me! They have all been treating me like a queen;) I got so spoiled and pampered to help prepare me from the move.
Jessica introduced me to my first scarf ever and I havn't taken it off! She also gave me cute little black slippers. i am always a sucker for slippers!
Seriously!... Sara and Dray made me dreams come true and bought me the cutest most comfy pair of UGS! I must say I look smashing in them:) No but seriously they are a little piece of heaven!
Of coarse I had to make Sara have one last sleep ove with me. My cute husband slept on the couch!
I am sad I didn't get a better picture of me and Amy, but her and Sam came over on the day we moved and cleaned our whole back yard for us! It was so appreciated, because our dog kinf of destroyed the place!
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