Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sara's visit... In a nut shell!

Sara came for the weekend and let me just say.... It was so fun! I think I might need a week to recover but It was well worth it. There was way too much to do in ust a couple days.
She flew out to go shopping in Chicago andso I could take some new pics for her (for her TV appearance ;)
these are all out of order, but it doesn't really matter!
Us on the 4 wheeler! We got a little crazy. but it was so much fun. I was a better driver than Sara! LOL

The out come.... we were pretty much covered in mud from the woods! Not to mention getting lost in the middle of the woods! Good thing we both had our iphones with GPS!
We kind of got stuck in the mud and had to pull ourselves out. It wasn't until after that we learned that it had 4 wheel drive!

Shooting - Of coarse we went shooting like a bunch of rednecks ;) V

Sara was really brave, but she ended up with some nice bruising on her shoulder

Nice Charlies angel face...
Mustard - This is a field of mustard flowers! We just had to take pics there. It was so pretty
Vance is such a little ladies man!
Vance and Sara again
on the 4 wheeler again
Family outing to Red Robin! Ben gets SOOOO mad when we get the camera out!
But we don't care!
Ok so we were driving back from Chicago and we hit such a bad car crash. We were at a dead stop so we went a little crazy The beach in Chicago! SO FUN. That is Brogan in the background
Brogan was soaked from the water and this was the only option we had. Good thing we went straight home! trashy I know

one of the MANY beach pics pf Sara
The famous Fountain in Chicago. It is so Awesome
The water was SO cold

Sara was so nice while she was here. She was such a help to have around. She helped me with the kids, my house and best of all just kept me comapany. I was so sad to see her leave. I want ALL my friends to come out and visit!

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