Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brogan turns 3

My sweet Bro Bro is 3! I just love this kid so much! we took him bowling with his cousins and he had a blast. He relaly didn't need much help carrying and throwing the bowling ball. He is 3 and he is 45 lbs. He is so big for his age. he wears nothing smaller than a 5t. He is just a big teddy bear!

Bro with Grandma and Grandpa... his hair is out of control... I know
Brogan is a total Mama's boy and I love it. He loves to be on my lap and cuddle when I'm watching TV. He is so funny because he copies Everything his older brother Vancie does. He is always thinking about his brother and wants to buy him things. Everything Brogan says begins with "I need to tell you somfing" He says it in between sentences and it gets a little annoying but I appreciate all his sweet little qwarky things he does. He can't live without his blakies, "cowboy B" and "Army Man" (thats what he calls them) He eats so much! He loves Pasta and Pizza and Chicken. Every meal he asks for chicken! He loves Thomas, Lighting Mcqueen, Spongbob and most of all Optimus Prime! Don't ever call him Bumble Bee because he will correct you! He always tells me randomly that I'm pretty and when I tell him hes handsome, he says "No I'm AWESOME!" Also, if you call him Brogan, he likes to say "call me Bro Bro". He really thinks his given name in Bro Bro. He just lights up my life along with my other boys! Happy Birthday Brogan!!!!
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