Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vance's Christmas Program

Vance made his big debut at his school during his Christmas program. His school, Emmaus Lutheran, is such an awesome school. We thought it would be best to put him in a private school and I am SOOOO happy we did. He has done so well with his classmates and his teacher is fantastic. We love her. Vance was so dang cute up on the big stage. He was so excited to see us with the cameras on him. He kept pointing to us and trying to tell his friends where we were. His little songs and actions were so sweet. I can't beleive how much he is growing up. He is getting so big and he puts a smile on my face everyday.
this was all the classes together. grades 1 through 6 did their program on another night.
Vance with his teacher, Mrs. Swartz. We couldn't ask for a better teacher!
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