Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts for Baby Jesus

Vance had a Christmas party at his school and all the kids brought gifts for "baby Jesus" and then the school donated them to a shelter. I love that his school teaches him the important things. We were driving in the car before his party and Vance said, "Mom, I am so happy". I asked him why his was so happy and he said, "Because, Jesus died for all the children so they can live and be happy. I am a little child, so I am happy." I am so thankful for our church and the gospel. I love that my kids can learn these things at such a young age. I can just see the light of christ through them, and I love all the sweet little things they teach me.
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wackywilsons said...

that is the cutest thing ever...and he is lucky to have good parents who teach him those things too!


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