Monday, January 18, 2010

New Years

For New Years, we took a quick trip down to Georgia. We really enjoyed it and I must say it was a good feeling to make it through a vacation with 3 kids. We went to Savannah and then we stayed in Augusta with Ben's best friend Ben for the weekend. The drive is about 11 hours and all the boys did so good! I didn't even have a DVD player and they didn't just went along for the ride. We took a river walk on the Savannah river and it was so beautiful. I must admit that I really don't like the "outdoors" but I LOVE to watch my boys play and enjoy being outside.
Cute Ben and Vancie... it was cold so Vance really didn't want to take pictures We stuck him up on the this rock. He loved it because he thought he was a Super Hero
and... this is what happens when I want to take a picture with the boys
Ben and Ben carrying the boys
his poor pants kept falling down. Sad, but funny
Me, Eva and Rachel. Trying to keep warm
Sweet little Eva on the bridge
The boys enjoyed smores in the backyard with the "camp fire"

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