Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Last Day :(

So recently we have decided to move to Georgia and so Vance had to have his last day of school. This is seriously the saddest part of leaving indiana. He went to such a great school, and they were so good to him. Vance has come so far since starting school at Emmaus Lutheran, he has learned SOOOO much. Vance can be a BIG handful but his teachers adored him and made him feel so good. We will really miss everyone there. I took the camera in on his last day to take some pictures.
Vance with Mrs Swartz and Mrs Inaciulli.
His classroom
His fishies
This is Vance's chapel buddy. It is so cute when I would go and pick Vance up because all the older kids always come and talk to him. We always have about a million goodbyes when we walk out. Everyone just loves Vance!
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