Monday, January 18, 2010


My "Sweet Baby Grey" is already 4 months and that is just so crazy to me. Wow, what a blessing he is. Ben was just telling me the other day that nothing makes him happier right now then his sweet goofy little smile. His dimples are HUGE just like his older brothers. He is so good. It is really weird having a 4 month old that should really be a 2 month old. I find myself worrying about him a lot, thinking that he is not developing normally but I just keep forgetting that he was 2 months early. He is actually doing great. He is right where he needs to be. He is still very small at 9 1/2 lbs but he will catch up. Brogan was the same way and now he's HUGE.
The big crazy eyes. I swear I think he has red hair
My mom Tye-dyed onsies for him and they are too cute! I LOVE THEM!
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Monya said...

Posey, Grey looks so cute in the onsey, we will have to do some more we ran out, you know with all the freakin grandkids she has ha ha. We had so much fun making them I wish you could of seen your dad, he was really into it, hope all is going well with you guys

Andrei S. said...

Cute blue eyes... :)

I wish all the health, happiness and love in the world.

I got here via the random blog thingy :)

Take care!

wackywilsons said...

He is so precious...I love that he is tiny and sweet...he will last longer as a baby!


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