Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbye to Rhett... Hello to Elder Scheurn

Today is a very bitter sweet day. I am so sad that I am not back home in AZ to see my baby brother off on his mission. I have been up since 5:30 just wishing I was there. Out of all my Brothers, Me and Rhett seem to be the most alike.... along with that, we sometimes clash, but we always get over any little thing that comes between us. Rhett has been a huge blessing to all of us in the Scheurn Family. I honestly vote Rhett the BEST uncle in the world. My kids adore him. although I am feeling homesick, I know that it is Elder Scheurn's time to go serve the Lord. People are WAITING for him in Italy. We are so Proud of him. He has been an example to everyone around him. I love him so much. I feel very blessed that he was able to come out in September and spend time with us. I will cherish all the memories we made. It was a blast. I know Rhett would not be where he is with out my awesome parents. Beside the spoiling.. ;) They have done such a good job raising their boys and getting them on missions. My mom is probably the best missionary mom EVER. I am sure she already had packages lined up ready to send to Rhett. My dad in AMAZING. He has pushed his sons to do whats right. It's hard to to bad things when you have an example like him. I love my family. I wish I could be there today as he starts his journey to the MTC. He will do great there. Everyone loves Rhett. I know that the Lors has sent him to the right place. He will fit right in with all the other handsome Italian boys;) We love you Rhett and we will miss you so much, but it will go by fast, so treasure it. Goodbye for 2 years!

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