Saturday, December 18, 2010

PJ Cheistmas Party

I went to Vance's Montessori School for his Christmas party. They all wore pj's and watched movies. We made a couple cute little things to take home, like the sock snowman picutered above. Vance is serioulsy so cute at school. All the kids love hima nd he is kind of the life of the party. It makes me so happy to see that is nice to everyone in his class.

Vance with one of his friends Gabe
Vance and his head teacher, Miss Lynn. She is so awesome. Vance adores her
Vance and his little friend Charity. He is alwasy telling us how nice "Charity" is
When we left his school, we were in the car and Vance said "Mom, I am so happy you came to my school today because you are so much prettier than all the other mom." Wow.. Vance, my little ladies man. He alwasy knos how to boost my ego. Vance is growing so fast. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time to enjoy his sweet little compliments and actions toward me.
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tamy scheurn said...

Vance is just MR. personality!! He is so funny! He looked so PRECIOUS!!! He is Mima's boy!
Vance Mima LOVES you!!!!!


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