Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost meeting baby at 28 weeks...

Well I know there have been a lot of people wondering what the heck had been going on with me and the pregnacy.... WELL, Last Sunday on the way home from Jamaica, I noticed I had some Kidney pain but I didn't think too much about it. The next day, I noticed it just getting worse and worse, but again, I know that I have had so many kidney problems in the past that I tried to just ignore it. That night My contractions began so I got a little freaked out. I tried to tough it out but it became too painful to handle. By the time I got to hospital, my contractions were 7 minutes apart and everyone was freaking out. After, 2 different dugs, and a long night of torture, they finally were able to stop labor and calm me down bit. The next bit they had to figure out what caused labor and all the kidney pain. After one ultrasound, they told me that my right kidney was very enlarged, infected and blocked at the ureter, but they had to do more test to figure out exactly what was wrong. That night they did an IVP and saw that both kidneys are enlarged and the right one is pretty bad. Because I am pregnant, they really cant do much about it! The next day the took me
into surgery and placed a tube in my back that goes directly to my kidney to keep it working. They are hoping that this will hold off labor for a while and keep the infections down. The tube will stay there until the baby comes and then they will try and fix the problem, which might mean just taking the kidney out:( for now, I am stuck in bed and just trying to think positive. The doc just says to focus on keeping this baby in and staying healthy so thats what I will do! I am just so sore! I was so swollen in the hospital but it has all pretty much gone down. Lutheran Hospital was SOOO great! I loved all my nurses and doctors! My Mom has flown out to be with me for a while and she has been keeping thingd together pretty well. Ben has also been so sweet and wonderful to me! It has kind of been a group effort taking care of the boys but it has all worked out just fine! Thanks for all the prayers and concerns, it really means a lot! I will update more as it comes!
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Stock Family said...

Posey! That is scary but I'm glad you are doing okay. Aren't you grateful for awesome moms!?

everydayjami said...

Posey, you're the strongest person I know... HANDS DOWN! I know everything is going to work out. You know that the Fattalehs are praying for you. We love you.

laura said...

I am so sorry you are going through this! I hope and pray that you and the baby will be healthy!!


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