Saturday, August 8, 2009

Doctors and more Doctors

So, I guess from now on, my Thursdays will be Dr day! I have to see my OB every week and My Urologist and Nephrologist every month. This past Thursday was The OB and Urologist. It all went pretty well but it was such a task getting out of the house. I was so tired and sore by the end of it all. My mom spent the day with me and we spent 3 HOURS at the OB's office. I had to get labs done and an ultrasound. The ultrasound was fun because baby boy is getting so cute and chubby. I love being able to see him because it reminds me of how excited I am to actually meet him! He was measuring a little small but it said he was 2.6lbs! That seems big to me, But they said he's small:( The ultrasound also showed that my cervix is opening (duh) so Im just continuing to take procardia and Lay low to stop the contractions. I was hoping that I would go to my Urologist and he would tell me that I am doing so good and he wants to take this stupid tube out of my back! Not a chance! In fact, he kind of laughed at me when I mentioned it! The tube and bag will be there FOR SURE until the baby comes. UGH....... It's funny how before all this I would have just LOVED a day where I cound be in bed all day, but now that I have to, it is making me go crazy! I got my mom to take me to Target and Walmart but I regreted it after when I couldn't hardley sit up anymore! I am jsut going to try to obey the docs and hope that these next 6 to 8 weeks go by super fast. This picture is really lame because I took it with my phone, but he has such a cute little profile with lips like Bro Bro!
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everydayjami said...

I love him already!

The McKnights said...

Too many cute posts, I dont even know where to comment! Aw...I love the pic of the baby, you are so right about the lip!:)Glad you're out of the hospital, I was so worried about you and baby! And I'm glad your mom is out there with you helping! I wish I could be! Happy late birthday, the pic's from Jamaica are gorgeous! I'm glad you got to go and relax before all the drama went down! I can't believe I missed your b-day..pregnancy brain, please forgive me! How fun to have Heather come see you! K my turn!:)And I love the pic's from your weekend get a way with the boys and their matching shirts! There you go..all my comments from five new posts in one! ha ha I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I can't believe you are having another boy....welcome to my! Boys are so fun though! Sorry to hear you have had such a miserable time...YUCK...and a tube in your back? Ouch! Hope the time flies and all goes well until he's born!


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