Saturday, August 29, 2009

An update on baby and Mommy

Well well well, this is been quite the ride. Lets see..... Long story short, I am back in the hospital and will NOT be out until we have the baby! CRAZY. Last Sat after being in the hospital for a week, they told me that I could get the tube taken out of my back and get a stint put on the inside so I wouldnt have to deal with this stupid bag anymore! After preparing me for 2 days for this surgery, They got me all the way to the OR just to tell me that they can't do it because it is too risky! I was so upset! They told me if I would stay one more night with out any problems then I could go home the next day and just be on Bed rest there. Well, I made it through the night, so I got to go HOME! YAY. Of course, on Sunday I start to get sick again and the bleeding in my kidneys came back! I tried to tolerate it so I wouldn't have to go back and I made it all the way to monday when I had to come in because I was throwing up and contracting non-stop. They were ready for me when I got here and got me back in a bed ASAP. The Dr came in that night to break the news that I was not leaving this time. Im just too dehydrated and my kidneys need the constant fluid and pain relif. They say the baby is great! He is really strong and has shown NO signs of stress. It just my body that is shutting down. I got a pic line put in a couple days ago so my veins don't have to take the IVs anymore. It's nice because my arms are free but I can feel the pressure on my heart. This baby is such a strong little guy. I know that it will all be so worth it when I see his cute little face. I am on steroids to help his lungs because the perinatologist said he won't make it past 34 weeks. Considering the circumstances, This hospital has been great! I have so many Doctors working with me and trying to keep me healthy. I love my nurses! The have just kind of made my part of the family:) The picture above is from when I thought I was going into surgery to get that tube taken out... What a let down...

Ok... How cute was my PINK IV? I loves it. I told them that I wanted a pink pic line but I had to settle for purple;)
This has been my veiw for 3 weeks now...... I just keep trying to remember that this is just a short period of time in my life
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Stock Family said...

Posey! I just read this and holy crap I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I couldn't imagine being stuck in the hospital for so long. I hope you have enough to do to keep your mind busy :) Its sad to see you in there but of course its for the best. I hope your baby continues to be strong. Good luck!

everydayjami said...

Posey...thanks for the update! I feel happy that you were feeling well enought to post! You must be soooo BORED! I am sorry you are stuck in the hospital. NO fun, but I'm happy that you have great nurses who are taking good care of you. Love and miss you.

daniellemoyersphotography said...

Hey Posey,
Yes, it's me, Danielle Price. So I am a frequent blog stalker of yours and have been wanting to say something but always blew it off. Well, I can't blow it off anymore. Poor little Vance looks like he wants Mommy back sooo bad! You are a very good mom and your body is going through so much! Take care of it and get all the rest you need. I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers. Take care Posey!
Smile Everyday!


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