Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the mouth of a 4 year old

Vance was watching me blog and told me that he want to "say some stuff" so here goes.....
"My name is Vance. I love transformers. I want to go make a sword, so I can save my princess mom from the dragon. oh wait, I want to tell a story. Once there was a crab, he always crawls around and kills dinosaurs. He also likes to go down slides and watch movies at school. Mom did you know goats say Baa. Im done, lets go to the park"
That was word for word out of Vance. His little mind is so busy. He thinks about the weirdest things. I could sit and talk to him all day without getting bored. The other day I was in the car and I was talking to Ben about saving money and I hear a little voice from the back say "Mom, Mom! Save money, live better, WALMART!" He is so fuuny. We were watching Ice Age and it showed the boy and girl kissing and he said, "Mom, guess what they are going to do" Being a little worried at what he might say, I said "what?" he said, They are gonna go have a Valentines Party". hmmmmm where did that come from. those are just a few of the crazy and great things he says all day every day. I look forward to it everyday!
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laurice romney. said...

so cute. i love this age and how their minds are constantly on the go.

wackywilsons said...

This is a great pic of him.

I am glad you posted about your new life in Georgia!

everydayjami said...

Send him to Phoenix NOW!!!! I need to witness that cuteness in person. Can't wait 'till I see you and your boys next!
Much love...


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