Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok, so on May 31, 2005, I gave birth to my sweet Vance who weighed 6.14lbs (on his due date). On November 9, 2006 I had my little Brogan and he also weighed 6.14lbs! (3 weeks early) As a baby Brogan was always TINY! He could ever even make it on the growth charts. Bro Bro seriously grew over night at aout 14 months. Ever since, he has been huge. The other day I took them both to the Dr. for check-ups and they both weighed exactly 41.6lbs!!! Brogan is off the charts again, but at the other end. So my 3 and 4 year old weigh the EXACT same. Crazy. It is so funny that they love to wrestle because it is a very fair and even match. The other day, I was watching them play and I was SO happy that I gave them one another to have forever. Yes, they are boys and they fight and argue sometimes, but they are so dang cute together. Everyone thought I was crazy for having my babies 17 months apart, but I am so happy I did!
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So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at poseycowart@gmail.com. I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!