Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I might need a muzzle...

A day at Walmart with Vance....
"hey mom look at that baby, he's just like our baby....but our baby IS NOT black" good thing the parents could laugh it off.

"oh my gosh, can people hurry up and move faster" I said, "Vance there is an old man in a wheelchair so we need to be patient. Vance says "ok" then he walks slowly past this eldery man and says " my mom doesn't need one of those crazy things because my mom is a mom, AND SHE CAN WALK!"
Omg what do you do as a mother when your kid is very quick witted and says EVERYTHING on his mind! We laugh now but I hope it stops soon. We have been trying to teach him respect but sometimes the don't understand when they need to use it most.

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wackywilsons said...

Maybe you could practice saying certain situations at home...things that are appropriate and not appropriate in public. Or, maybe he could whisper the things to you in public before saying them aloud?

That is tough having such a smartypants!


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