Monday, November 29, 2010

My first bird

I was so nervous this year! I knew I was hosting Thanksgiving and that I would be the one cookinh EVERYTHING. Nothing scared me as much as the turkey. I had to make a few phone calls for help but I am not going to lie.... I am so proud of myself. It turned out so yummy. It was very moist and I am pretty sure it was a hit! My mom and her sisters always joke that you are not a woman until you have pulled all the "CRAP" out of a raw turkey. So finally, now at age 26, I am a woman!

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tamy scheurn said...

My Precious Girl! You truly are women!You have to be with all those men! I am so proud of you! Your turkey looked beautiful!!! I know when I was 26 there would of been no way I would of known how to cook a turkey!!! I love you more than you could ever know! I think I am going to just start calling you "Betty"!!! Love you all, momma

Shums said...

you are brave! i don't know when/if I 'll ever be able to fix a turkey all by my self.


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