Monday, November 29, 2010

First Broken Bone

My kids have done stitches, well lets just say more than once, but we hadn't had a broken bone until my sweet little clumsy Brogan decided he wanted to be the first. He Slipped getting into our car and fell backwards. I knew from his scream that something was really wrong. He kept saynig his shoulder hurt so I figured his shoulder was out of the socket. I took him to his chiropracter to get him looked at. The Dr said he thought everything was ok beacause he wasn't screaming too badly while he was being poked. ( I think that was due to the tylenol and IB profen I had given him right before)Well I felt a lot better knowing there were no major injuries. We drove home and had a long night of tossing and turning and SCREAMING. The next morning I made him rest and just hoped that the pain would subside. Nope. So that evening Ben took the little guy to the ER where they told him he has broken collar bone. Ugh... such bad timing, the day before thanksgiving when he was going to see all his cousins and want to play sports outside. It has been a challenge trying to keep the sling and wrap on him, but he is starting to realize how much more it hurts when he doesn't. I am so sorry this happen to my Bro Bro, but he is one tought kid and I know he will heal Quickly

this was the night he came home from the ER.... so sad
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