Saturday, November 27, 2010

Benjamin Welton Tuinei

We are so thrilled to welcome our sweet nephew Benjamin "Welton" Tuinei into this world. Ben's amazing sister Heather endured and very rough pregnancy getting this sweet angel here. Heather has always battled Juvenile Diabetes and she has always known that pregnancy may be difficult for her. Well, at only 24 weeks along, doctors decided that Heathers fragile body could not take the stress of the pregnancy so the delivered little Welton almost 4 months early. Both mom and baby have been fighters. Welton has already had one heart surgery and he has shown us all how much he wants to be here. I Can't even believe how strong Heather is. She has been a trooper. Her husband Ben has also been PERFECT. He is so positive and so supportive of his wife and new baby. We are so happy for this cute new little family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them ALL day Every day. Hang in there Tuinei's...... We love you.

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