Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOUR!!! One lucky kid!

My little Bro Bro has turned four. In one way, he is so big that it seems like he should be turning 6 but in another way I can't believe he is already FOUR! Many people who know me like to joke and say that Brogan is the golden child and I like to joke back and say "yep... he is." Truth is, All my boys are golden. Brogan has just always been a very easy child for me. I think I just love that fact that he is such a mama's boy. He Would probably glue himself to me if he could and I would have no problem with that.
For his Birthday we had a party with family at the marina in Sarasota FL. The weather could not have been more perfect. All the kids played in the splash pad and on the playground. We even got to watch some dolphins in the water. I don't usually enjoy myself at my kid's b-day parties due to the stress of making everything perfect, but this was really nice. I just sat back and watched Brogan love life.
For lunch my Sis-N-Law Joy made some really good bbq sandwiches but Brogan wants a "Chip Sandwich" Well, What Bro wants on his b-day... Bro gets. He got quite a few awesome gifts, including mainly, "Iron Man" and "How to train a dragon" toys since those are his favorites right now. I fell very blessed that I can enjoy
Brogan's cousin game him an old unused cell phone. He was so excited and told me "mom, now i can text you"
Me any my birthday boy
Bro and daddy

Ok, so on his actual birthday, we took the 3 boys to "chuckie cheezits" to use a ton af left over tokens that we have had FOREVER. Brogan felt pretty cool having TWO parties. It was really nice to celebrate with him as just a small little family. We all couldn't have been happier.
Grey is a little to young to hang with his brothers, so he chilled with Bob the whole time.
Brogan's favorite ride. He must have played this 30 times. no joke
And they are off.....
Brogan is such a sweet heart. He has always been a blessing in so many ways. Since Vance has started school this year, i have really been able to get to know my little Brogie Bear. He loves everything boy and he LOVES his older brother Vance. He always tells me that he needs to be with Vance because they are "best Friends". I often find Bro in Vance's Bunk just to be closer to him. Brogan has been big for a while now.he wears a size 6/7 in boys and a 12/13 in shoes. hopefully his size will be useful one day.
Bro hates the answer "maybe". If he asks me a question and I don't have a straight answer, he says "MOM, say YES or NO". He loves to make his baby brother laugh. He loves peanuts, Peanut butter and noodles of ANY sort. He loves to cuddle with his mommy. Even when I am watching "Dancing with the Stars" or any other girly show. When I say cuddle, I mean he has to be totally on top of me. I think he still thinks he's a baby. He answers to "Bro Bro, Bro, Brogie, Brogers, Brodigity, Brogie Bear" and most recently we have been calling him just Bear. It seems to fit him well.
Your mom and dad love you so much! We cant wait to continue this journey with you and watch you grow!

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wackywilsons said...

Happy birthday to that sweet boy!
I loved catching up with all those pictures...with Halloween, and I hope those hives haven't come back!

I also like your longer hairdo. Very cute!


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