Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cruisin' with my sisters!

My Mother N Law had never been to a tropical beach.... so us Cowart girls decided to step up and take her on a cruise. It was Me, Joy, Alison and Veronica. Ali and Veronica were first time cruisers so we had to show them how it is done;) Seriously and can't even explain how awesome these women are! I always felt so sorry for myself because I don't have sisters but I am so lucky to have married into this family where these girls have taken me in as one of their own. I would never even say "sister n law" because they are truly my sisters! Anyways, back to the cruise.... it was awesome. Even though we got stuck in the Bahamas due to Hurricane Tomas, we had such a blast. I roomed with Joy, who was so much fun to be around. She is actually quite funny. We might have had a little too much fun together. The Beach and the weather were PERFECT! I really missed my family, but I totally needed the break from reality.
Of course I got picked to be an assistant at the show. He was a juggler/comedian and he actually wasn't that bad. The first night comedian was the best, only because Alison was Laughing her HEAD OFF the whole time at things that seriously were not funny. Everyone around us were laughing at her... not the entertainer.
This was taken right before we left, at Joy's house. We were so excited to get on the boat. I love this picture so much.
Ok, so I just had way too many pictures to post, so I put them all together in hopes to get the point across... we had fun! We went out dancing and we honestly must have been the only sober ones there, but you never would have guessed it. Ali danced on a statue because her precious Bon Jovi was played. (she was asked to get down Ha) Ali, got me to enter the "don't forget the lyrics" game where I placed third and she got first. She won a totally awesome gift pack;) we also had to do Kareoke! I can't believe we got Joy to get up there with us. We sang a Paula Abdul song that I barely knew.

THIS WAS SO MEAN! The girls hung these in my room and when I unlocked the door, the both screamed (Alison has a very loud scream) and I nearly hit the ground. I only saw them for a quick second in the dark and I didn't know what it was. Alison peed her pants from laughing so hard. That's what she gets!

Ok, so sisters, When are we going on another cruise? We are excited to go again with Heather, who couldn't come this time due to a high risk pregnancy. This was honestly a time that I will treasure forever. Everything about it was awesome. I had forgot how much fun life can be. Thanks again to my great family, who I just love to pieces!

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