Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpa's house. (Ben's parents). It was really nice. I had been REALLY sick during the couple days prior to Christmas, so Grandma cooked EVERYTHING. I didn't cook one thing. It was awesome. It was especially fun because My boys got to be with some of their Cowart cousins. It was only 7 out of the 20, but they were so happy to be with Kaylee, Gabe, Gavin and Mariah. Kaylee brought them all gifts so she was the hit out the party:) I was so happy it was so low key and low stress. It truly let me enjoy Christmas and focus on my family and how sweet they are. I have been so blessed with all of them.

\My boys LOVE "Kay Kay". She is such a great older cousin to them.
Opening kaylee's gifts
Vance was so excited
I captured this sweet moment of Gavin and Grey. Gavin Is just so nice and pleasant. He was a lot of fun to be around.
The seven of them. It was an attempt and organized chaos.

Me and my niece Mariah. So stinkin' cute. She's working the camera
Waiting patiently for gifts
Grey with his main man, Grandpa.... Grey always finds his lap
Silly Grey Bug
Mariah with he kissy face again
The twins. Vance and Gavin. Always together
During Dinner
Waiting...... They "were starving"

Grey likes to help me in the kitchen, but like I said, I didn't cook. He was just happy to be in my arms.
It all couldn't have been any better. I'm so thankful for my husband and all that he did to give us all a wonderful Christmas this year. All the Cowarts have been so great to me. I had so much fun, but I'm not going to lie, I'm glad it's over. My cute boys woke up on the 26th and asked, "Mama, how many more days till Christmas". Oh boy, it might be a long year. They have already started making Christmas list for Santa........

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tamy scheurn said...

Those are some CUTE boys!!!! Love you all! I will see you in a few days! Can't wait!! I have to LOVE you A LOT and MISS you all so much to get me on a plane by my self to came see you all! I LOVE your new header on my blog! I don't know where you get ALL of your talants beacause you know you don;t get it from me or Pops! You are my PRECIOUS girl! LOVE YOU!!


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