Friday, January 28, 2011

Tamy Scheurn = Awesome

Mi Madre came to the Dirty South last week! It was a blast! Well lets sum it up, just a FEW things that were included in her visit:

Arrival at my home at 3:00am after a fabulous meal at Steak n' shake
Excitement from 3 little boys to see Mima
The best curly fries ever, from Shwarma king
damage done at TJ Maxx
Whole days with NO obligations
ER visit (by me of course)
my own personal house keeper (my mom of course)
Best chicken n' rice ever made by a human being (mom again)
Tears in a movie theater shared by ONLY her and me
introduction of Honey chicken to my mom.... mmmmm
More damage in Hilton head at the Coach store
A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE FOR ME! (thank you mom)
The BEACH... amazing weather, dolphins, and my mom letting her hair down:)
Circles in the sand (hilarious) my mom has some real talent, and a better point than me
A huge hawk putting on a show for us, eating a huge squirrel
diaper run, grocery run, treat run
Pralenes that seriously melt in your mouth, brought to you by river street sweets
WHOLE bag of caramel corn eaten by yours truly at 1am
Great memories and many laughs

That really doesn't even sum it up. We were ALL so happy to have my mom stay with us for a week. I know it is not easy for her to fly across the country and spend a day of traveling. She was such a help to us. After my visit to the ER, she watched my kids so that I could get the rest I needed to feel better. Nothing is better than the one on one time I get to spend with my mom. We really now haw to get things done the right way. We went and saw Country Strong and we were the only 2 people in the theater. My Mom said she rented the theater out for us. It was pretty awesome. It is always sad when my mom leaves us. I HATE taking her down to the airport to let her fly back to AZ. My boys also always hate to see her go. On the brighter side, I am so thankful for the memories that we make on her visits. Smiles, Laughs, Tears, hugs, and even a little heated conversation is always what the dr ordered for me. I love her so much. Sometimes I even get a little jealous when I know that other people get to hang out with her knowing that I am 3000 miles away and can't:( I can't wait to see her again!!!!!

Bro Bro with his Mima
Grey with his Mima
Some Beach
My mom's awesome Photog skills
My Mom's always beautiful painted toes

Our friend Mr Hawk
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bekki said...

I agree your Mom is awesome

Natiebar said...

I agree as well - Auntie is amazing! She should come visit me now!

Brittney said...

Why were u in the ER? Ur mom sounds beyond amazing!! I am very jealous!!


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