Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the life...

I got to help fill in in Vance's classroom because his head teacher was out sick. This was sooooo much fun for me. It was so amazing to see Vance in his own element and getting to be part of his day. Vance was really excited when he found out I would be there, and of course he gave me a huge welcome when I came into the room. Montessori is so interesting. It is so different than my schooling experience. I think it is perfect for Vance. I got to take the kids in groups of 5 on nature walks to go bird hunting. We saw a hawks, cardinals and Goldfinches. In case you don't know how it works, his class room is made up of 3 ages. They all learn from each other. Every single one impressed me in some way. I felt a little bit of guilt when I saw a classroom of 22 kids have more organization that I do at home with my 3! I hate to say this, but just like every other mother, I obviously think my Vancie is the cutest in the class! :) He is just the funniest little kid and keeps us all laughing. I hope I get asked again to help because it was a blast!

Vance taking out the compost aka "garden food"
Vance at lunch. sitting next to decklan
Ramone, Vance, Gabe and Diego.... Vance doesn't really like his space invaded
Ready, set, GO! Playtime at CEMCO
The group learning about bird. Notice it is "jeans Friday" so no uniforms:)
My first nature walk group. So fun with these kids.

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tamy scheurn said...

Vancw ia the CUTEST kid in his class! Just asked mima! I love that kid! Vance is my boy! AND I LOVE HIM!!


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