Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Big Easy!

We went to New Orleans for the new Year and it was such a blast! I think it was seriously the most exhausting trip of my life, but it was so much fun! Once I got over all the panic attacks from leaving my kids, I was able to relax and enjoy a little mommy and daddy time! We flew into Baton Rouge where me and Ben got a night to our selves! It was really nice! Then Ben's best friends came and picked us up in the morning and we made the one hour drive to New Orleans. It is a pretty crazy city! I can not believe how cold it was! I totally was not prepared to be freezing the whole time! Ben and his friends went to the sugar bowl that night to watch Georgia kill Hawaii! (the whole point for the trip!) the wives had a girls night in the hotel room (we figured we would have more fun at the hotel than at the game!) Then we picked them up from the game at about 1am and then headed up to Baton rouge at about 3am to catch a 6am flight home! It was quite the trip!

B-F-F-ERS.... Ben, Ben and Daniel

Me and Rachel!It was do dang cold! (yes I look wierd!)
Gettin' ready for the game!
Tired & Silly
Ben was just a little tired!


Derrick and Laurice said...

That was a crazy fast trip! I had a hard time leaving Camden also when we went to Vegas but at the same time it is so nice to be out with your man and no kids and so needed!

Jessica Knight said...

It's pretty pathetic I have to check your blog to see what you're up to! Looks like fun! The perfect present for Ben!

dan and ashley said...

that girl brought her kid??

COBB CREW said...

WOW...looks like a blast...and COLD! Hope you had a great trip...always a good time when you leave the kids..LOL!


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