Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our little QB!

Okay, so I know that is is really bad to brag about your kids... but I just have to say that Vance is kind of an amazing athlete! I do have to admit that I am very happy about it because we were a little worried for a while because of his speech delay! Although he is still working on his speech and communication, he is (as my hubby would say) tearing it up on the football field! He was so funny at the park, Ben would hike him the ball and he would catch it and then throw it out to Ben. It was funny because he was so proud of himself and he wasn't hiding it! He loves all sports, i just hope that we don't wear him out. We will have to see what happens one we get him out on a real field with other kids! Who knows...... As For Brogan, He just sat and watched because he knew his dad would make him be a tackle dummy for Vance! Dad doesn't understand that Brogan is still a little young to play with him and Vance! :)


Derrick and Laurice said...

What a throw for such a little guy!

The Prince Family said...

Brag away Posey. It is YOUR blog so you have the right to do so! :)

I love the last pic of your little guy sitting with the football, too cute!


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