Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Riggs!

We went to Riggs b-day party and let me say... There is nothing like a 2 year old birthday party! The weather was so nice! It was so relaxing just getting to sit and chat with friends and let my kids run wild! Vance and Riggs enjoyed a little
one on one B-ball and Bro just mooched food from
EVERYONE! It was weird not having a baby that
I had to hold the whole time. It is getting so nice having 2 boys that can run around on their own. I have been wanting another baby but as they
get more independent, I kind of wonder why I
would want to start all over! Anyways... Happy Birthday Riggs!

1 comment:

The Kunzlers said...

Amen to that Sista~ And it only gets better~ Glad you had fun. Welcome home... lets hang out... Call us when you have a free day!


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