Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Story of my life!

I took Vance to the Dr because I took his temp and it was 103 but when I got there, they said it was 105.2! YIKES! They told me that he had strep throat and maybe the flu as well. At that point I had Ben bring brogan down to the office because they hadn't been feeling well either. Sure enough, they all have strep throat! Lucky me! I am so frustrated because Vance is so hard when he is sick! He is either clinging to me or telling me "GO AWAY MOMMY!" This may sound really mean, but it was a little funny that he was completely hallucinating in the Dr Office! He kept swating at things around his face telling them to go away. I guess that is what a 105 temp does to you! I also have to promote AIRBORNE because I have been taking it and what do you know, I am the only one that is not sick! (knock on wood)


Derrick and Laurice said...

So sorry that you are dealing with all that. It's so hard to have sick kids. I only have one and am losing my mind I can only imagine having 2 sick at the same time! Thanks for the advice. We are going to the doctor today so hopefully we can get him breathing better. Last night was a nightmare! I seriously a few times thought he wasn't going to be able to inhale. His breathing even woke Derrick up. Scary. Hopefully the doctor can help us out.

Shums said...

i swear by airborne!!!!!!!!! its nasty, but it totally works

Jessica Knight said...

You're kidding?!? Vance has the worst luck! Love airborne! Emergen-C is great too! Sorry about the other day, I just had too much going on but let's get together! It's been forever!


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