Saturday, February 9, 2008


I recently had the most humbling experience! My friend Jerah owns the Glitter box (cutest store ever) and Radio Disney contacted them to see if they could bring all the cancer patients from PCH to get makeovers before they went to Disney On Ice. I went down to take pictures of them as they modeled their new look! It was truly an amazing opportunity!! I can not believe how happy and sweet ALL of these little girls were. I really could hang out with them all day everyday! They were all smiles and never complained about anything! Some of them could not even walk, but they never showed and signs of despair. As I worked that day I found myself thanking my Heavenly Father for my kids and their health. I admire so many people for the struggles that they go through. I am thankful to all of the girls that I met that day. They made my day! Thanks PCH and Glitter Box!


Derrick and Laurice said...

Wow that is amazing! You are so lucky to have had that opportunity! It breaks my heart to see children going through so much! It helps me realize just how blessed my family is!

The Larsen's said...

That is great the Glitter Box was able to do that for those little girls. What a great experience for them to enjoy.


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