Thursday, February 14, 2008

There are still good people out there!

This morning we woke up to find that our dog Oliver had dug his way out of our back yard! I was do sad! Oliver is seriously the best dog ever. Ben got him for my birthday right after we got married! I had always wanted a tiny chihuahua and I was so happy when I finally got one! He is so good with the kids and he has never given use any problems. I knew for sure that no one would return him because he is so cute! Tonight when we were driving home we noticed that there were signs up saying hr had been found! YAY!!!! I am so happy that there are still good people out there that are willing to do the right thing! We are so happy to have him back!The other day the boys had a picnic with Oliver in the back yard!


Derrick and Laurice said...

You are so lucky! When our dog got lost some people in our town kept him! It's a small town like we wouldn't figure it out! They were even in our ward and had taken his collar off and renamed him! Derrick had to go over and get him back it was sad and funny! Who does that!

COBB CREW said...

YAY Oliver! Love the celebration picnic...LOL!

Derrick and Laurice said...

As for the background it's a little complicated the first time but after that it's easy! If you want help give me your e-mail and I will email you how to.


So I said I would NEVER go private but I have decided to due to trying to expand my business. If you would like to be added to read my blog, leave your email as a comment on any post or email me at I hope to do this within the next couple days. thanks!