Monday, February 18, 2008

Nice try........

First off... let me say that i had to switch my blog to blue stars because my hubby said that the pink hearts were too girly! I guess I kind of agree, seeing that I have 2 boys! Anyways, today I realized that my house had become a little too quiet. That is just a clue that the boys are into something. I called for Vance and then I heard a door shut. I went in there to find the Ovaltine can open in the pantry with a spoon sitting next to it. When I asked him if he had been eating it, of coarse he said "No Mommy" hmmm..... I need to get a lock on this pantry ASAP!! My old house had one, so Vance is taking advantage of the easy access!

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Derrick and Laurice said...

I like the blue stars! You will get addicted to changing it now that it's so easy. I need a lock on my pantry and almost everything else in my house also because Camden gets into everything that he is not supposed to! It's exhausting trying to keep him happy and out of my stuff.


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