Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anybody need shoes!?

Okay I found this site that I love for shoes! Because shoes are kind of disposable for us, I am always looking for a good bargain! We recently bought Vance some Etnies at the mall and they were way too much! This site is great for finding shoes for my boys! I am a sucker for velcro! I will not put shoes on my kids that tie! I don't care if they look like little old men..... it is just way easier.


Derrick and Laurice said...

Hook us up! I always am looking for new shoes! You didn't leave the site name.

Derrick and Laurice said...

OK I figured it out! Thank you so much for sharing! I love it! Funny thing I didn't really pay all that much attention to the shoes you got your boys and so I looked at all the shoes and picked some out for Camden and then went back to your site to tell you that I figured it out and noticed that I picked the same shoes that you got your boys! Great style I guess or maybe it was just the fact that they are the only ones that are velcro and you can't do better than that with little ones!

COBB CREW said...

Thanks for leaving the site info....NOT...LOL...seriously...hook me up....4 kids....need shoes...LOL!


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