Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crazy Aunt Posey

We are watching Ben's brothers kids this weekend.. ALL 5 OF THEM. I can't believe that women have this many kids. With mine added into the group, it is 7! I am actually proud of myself for keeping things going so smoothly. They have kept me laughing and very entertained. Tonight dinner was such a hit. Who knew that kids would be so thankful for pigs in a blanket?!

I was brave and gave Baby Holland an Oreo fudge ring.......
We cleaned her up in the sink. She LOVED it!

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The McKnights said...

I still can't believe you took all those kids in! But what the heck...what wouldn't I do for a trip to Bermuda?!? ha ha

Jared said...

Those are some awesome pictures you took while shooting. You all look like you are doing well. With regards to the weather, they say the same thing about Maryland. We woke up to 8 inches yesterday morning. That was two days after a high of 69. CRAZY weather! Tell Ben I say hello.


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