Saturday, February 7, 2009

SB.... that means SuperBowl

So they lost... too bad, so sad, I am over it. Ok fine, I was very into it and I did not like the intesity of the game
Vance and his cousin mourning the loss of the game ;)
The get together! Mwn watched.... women talked
The kids colored and made messes
And Bro Bro pretty much did his own thing! Quite the little character!
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everydayjami said...

Honestly... how cute can Brogan be????

The McKnights said...

You better be atleast a little bit sad being a ture Arizonan at heart! ha ha I love Bro Bro...those pic's are adorable!

Daniel said...

Do you think he will be gay? I would give it a 99.9% chance.


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