Friday, February 20, 2009

V Day... Not my favorite holiday

Ben returned from Chicago on Valentines day with flowers for me AND Sara. We felt so loved. I felt a little guilty because I had all ready warned Ben that he was babysitting so me and Sara could go out. After all, She was only here for a couple of days!He was a great sport about it so we planned out a whole night of fun for girls. Dinner Movie, Kareoke... ya know, the "works" Well we felt too sorry for Ben after dinner so we ordered extra food and spent the night in watching red boxes. But we did send Ben out for extra large Milk Shakes. (that was the highlight of the night)

So the time that we DID spend out... we got harrased by these guys and couldn't get rid of them. To be honest I was scared of them, but Sara AKA "Rebecca" ate it up. Has anyone seen the skit from MAD TV where the guy won't stop asking that girl for her number? Well, that was these guys. It was pretty funny. I even told them over and over that I am married with 2 kids!!! Wierdo's.
They asked for the pic... not us
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