Friday, February 20, 2009

Is this ever going to end?

Bro Bro has been SOOOOO sick. It is so scary finding him blue in his bed and completly unable to breathe. Sara was such a big help while she was here. She sat with him in the street for 15 minutes at a time in 10 degree weather trying to open up his airway. He had RSV and Pnuemonia on 3 different occations and the Drs always told us that he might always suffer from it. We are hoping that he will grow out of it, But that has not been the case yet. He has finally Given up and will sit during a breathing treatment. I think he finally realized how much the help him. I feel so sad for him. I just love him to death and I hate watching him suffer.

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The McKnights said...

I don't like that makes me wanna cry.


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