Friday, February 20, 2009

If you don't like the weather....

So there is a saying... "If you don't like the weather, Wait a minute" That is so true for Fort Wayne! I am not even kidding it goes from 10 degrees to 63 degrees in one day! It is so crazy. We just watch the cycle from freezing to beautiful. I have to pull up my google home page everyday so I know what to wear that day! It is so beautiful when it warms up. I can't wait for the summer here. This weekend is supposed to be 17 degrees and snow for 2 days straight. I am sure I will have pictures to post. I don't understand how every store here has put away their winter clothes and pulled out the bikinis! I just don't get it.
You can imagine that as soon as the boys feel the "warm" weather, they take off on thier bikes!
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