Monday, October 11, 2010

My Sister for ETERNITY!

Ben's sister Heather got sealed last month in the Columbia SC Temple. It was so awesome to see her and see almost the whole Cowart family be together. Heather's husband (who's name is also Ben) is such a great guy. He is so kind and he handles the Cowart chaos very well. Everything went smoothly and we all just had fun being with each other. Heather looked beautiful. I had a good time photographing her because she is so photogenic. Congratulations Heather and Ben. We all love you guys and wish you the best of luck through out eternity.
Poor Heather.... 4 moths pregnant and Severely diabetic. Sche had to slow down a couple times during her reception, but she was a trooper!
Just some of the gang. We are missing 3 siblings and 2 spouses, but you get the point.
sisters. I LOVE having these sisters. I am often sad I don't have any biological sisters, but these girls step in and fill that place perfectly.
6 of 9 Cowart kids. Alison, Steven, David, Heather, Michael.. and of course the best for last, Ben!

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