Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Gaurdian Angel

this is my sweet Angela Simmons. she has been so inspiring and such a great example to me. the first time I ever saw her was when she stood up to bare her testimony on her first sunday at church...EVEN BEFORE SHE HAD BEEN BAPTIZED! She explained that 2 angels in suits found her and saved her life. she also reassured all of us that this is the church she wants to be a part of and she just couldn't describe the happy feeling she got when she walked in our church. I have grown close to her and her sweet spirit. When my mom came out to visit us, she too took a liking to her. My mom exchanged addresses with her and they have been pen pals ever since. Every sunday Sister Simmons makes sure she hunts me down to ask me how I am. She says my mom tells her to check in on me so she does. I love feeling loved. I love that my mom goes a round-a-bout way of making sure im happy and health:). Sister Simmons is just so dang cute. Her strong testimony will always be stuck in my mind. She is a strong reminder that this church is true. Im thankful for all these little divine interventions that I have in my life.
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