Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Honeymoon!

On my Birthday, Ben took me down to Mexico! It was the best, most relaxing Vacation that I have been on. After the California with the kids, we were totally ready for some alone time. We stayed in such a nice house in Las Conchas. We pretty much had our own private beach that was beautiful! Ben got a girl to come to the house and give me a massage, I LOVED IT! We actually went with our good friends Dray and Dahr. It was so much fun to have another couple there with us.

This was the beach the first day we got there. No one else on it!

Dray getting ready to snorkel... Sorry I took a lot of snorkeling pics.
We loved to just float when it was high tide. It may not sound fun, but it was SOOOO relaxing


peace again?

close up. Snorkeling is definitely not flattering

Oh my gosh. The banana boat ride was pretty awesome. I will admit, I was screaming my head off the whole time, but once I was off and safe, I could say it was fun:) Notice in the picture that I am the only one telling him to slow down. I was out numbered!

I thought the front would be the easiest and safest.... I was wrong

I switched with Ben, and he tried to show off

Me and Dray. Dray is in Pink

Love birds out in the sea

this looks terrible

Chillaxin' during low tide

the bottom of the ocean? I guess

I did find a lot of really cool shells to add to our Georgia/Florida shell collection

Our house
O.K. So I though it would be ok if I grabbed on to the back of their canoe so they could take me up to the shore after they were done fishing. I was wrong again. I felt so bad when I tipped them. Everything got messed up, including the fishing poles. I am still so sorry:(

Benji in his Bruno Marz Hat

Me on the beach during a beautiful sunset
still trying to fix the mess I made by tipping them

Of course, we had to be sung to while eating dinner. This guy was actually very good

Us again ( chill out, it's just lemonade in the margarita glasses:)

My Birthday Flan... I gave it to everyone else. I think Flan is nasty

this picture makes my mouth water! The best tacos ever I think

How often do I get to do this. Ben snapped a pic while I was taking a nap on the back porch. It was lovely!

I had way too many pictures like this

I was having a blast in the ocean.... acting like a kid again:)

relaxing again during Low tide

typical Posey

Dray made a very yummy dinner. Chicken Quesadillas. I miss her already

Thank you Ben for an awesome Birthday! It was the Best 3 days that I have had in a long time. Every moms need to get away at some point. Our trip was perfect. Any longer I would have missed my kids too much:)

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everydayjami said...

It looks like you had an absolute blast!! What a perfect way to spend your bday!!


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