Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowarts invade SoCal

We had such an awesome Family Vacation this Year. Ben had a couple days off so we decided to get in the car and head to California! We stayed at my Aunt Stacy's house. She could not have been more hospitable. I just love her!! We went to the Beach, The Safari Park, and Lego Land. Let me just say that Lego Land is by far the best park for kids! We all had a blast. They had the Water park, and the regular Lego Land so we just had to do both. The boys were so good and easy the whole time. It was a perfect Vacay!

This was our family pic on one of the awesome roller coasters at Lego Land

My oldest cousin Reegan with Grey
My sweet cousin Grace LOVES grey! She took care of him pretty much the whole time we were at the beach. These 2 are just too cute!
Brogan with his bucket

Vance heading out to catch some wave. Of course he was awesome at it!

He is a stud!
Grace again with Grey

Vance being a tough guy
Grace loved helping the boys make sand castles

Now its Brogan's turn!
Daddy helping Brogan just a bit

"All Gone!"
adorable feet

My crazy one year old who thinks he can swim

the girls hiding Vance

So cold.... the water was way too cold
I don't know why I love this pic, but I do!

Me and V (her eyes are closed in most of her pics)
Again, Grey in the pool
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On our way to Lego Land. We took Valentina to help with Grey.

eyes closed.... agian

Grey was not to sure about this guy

Poor Grey. He was so tired

This was such a fun slide. It is a family sized water raft.

Grey Loved the water park

Daddy and Grey
Brogan being a surfer boy

Me and V

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