Saturday, July 9, 2011

the second tooth

Vance lost his second tooth. I was waiting and waiting for it to loosen up because the other one was already almost all the way in. It was not even close to being ready this morning, but Vance wiggled ALL day. Tonight he said he wanted it out. Neither me nor Ben wanted to touch it because we can't handle stuff like that, and that is why Vance pulled his first one out. After an our of him crying because he couldn't get it out, I just grabbed a paper towel, closed my eyes and yanked hard. Vance has been laughing ever since, He is so excited for the tooth fairy. We will see what he/she brings him:)

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Shums said...

wow, why am i so behind on your blog??? i haven't seen any of these posts. I love your boys and so does landon. Can't wait till we're neighbors ;)


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