Thursday, July 21, 2011


We had such a great 4th this year. We planned on going to see fireworks at Tempe town Lake, But we ended up just having our own private show at my sis n' law's house. The kids had so much fun. my kids LOVE to be with their cousins. They all thought Ben was pretty awesome because he put on the show. The boys are still talking about it.
One of the cutest girls in the world. My niece Veronica
Vance holding a sparkler
Ben and Casjen. Go Dawgs:)
I just had to make fun of Ben wearing this head light. He said he couldn't see in the dark.
Veronica was looking out for Grey, who wasn't too sure about the whole thing
So cool
Brothers. I don't really know what is going on with Vance

All of them were just so amazed. I loved watching their faces.
Brogan and his sparkler

Brogan and his cousin Lleyton. Bro is 4 and Lleyton is 5. Brogan is so big.
I am so happy the kids had so much fun. Anytime they have fun, I have fun. a Big thanks to Ali for letting us bombard her house.

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