Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping cool in 117 degrees

I know this is totally picture over load, but I love all these picture. We went swimming at my parents and had fun with the camera.

My crazy one year thinks he can swim. (he kind of can) All my boys are amazing swimmers. the always have been. Grey just jumps off the edge and can hold his breath for such a long time. It freaks my mom out. I think he almost gave her a heart attack. Sorry Mom.
Brogan off the diving board

taking a rest

Grey in the deep end
Look at the water in his goggles. too funny. Poor kid
Grey monkey walked around the pool multiple times.

Vance can touch the bottom of a 10 foot pool. He is better than I am at swiming
Grey stepping off the step
My mom playing with Grey
Grey like to Pout. He is a pro at it. I think his belly is a little full of water?
My mom kept Grey company
water in the goggles again
brothers jumping off the diving board
Grey. kind of scary
poor kid was so tired and his eyes were bright red. But he kept swimming
Me giving Grey loves.
Kick Grey Kick.
I kept pushing him down to the bottom and he uses my body to climb up. It is too cute

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