Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long but fun drive

We left a car in Indiana when we left and we needed to go get it. So, I told Ben that I could endure the long drive to go get it. We left early in the morning and we were back 48 hours later. My good friend Rachel kept Grey so we were able to stop and do some fun things along the way. It was 15 hours there, a stay at a hotel and then 15 hours back. It was actually kind of fun. I really don't mind car rides. On the way home, Ben and I switched kids every couple of hours to split it up for them. Well, I was listening to Conference talks and Vance was upset because he wanted to listen to this music. As I was explaining the importance of the men speaking he said "Mom, these Grandpa's are depressing!" WHAT?!! Wow, my child has some interesting views. We stopped at the caves in TN, and I think they made me sick. They were awesome to look at, but so claustrophobic. They boys loved it so I guess it was worth it.
Awesome overlooks

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