Saturday, June 12, 2010


Greybie baby is 9 months old! I know all moms say this, but where in the world does the time go? Wow, he is a gem. He is so perfect, I can't even begin to explain. He is soooooo funny with his facial expressions! He is so full of life and LOVES to hang on me. He really is special. He loves everyone and will smile for anyone that he comes across. It's hard for me to get through the supermarket without people stopping me to comment on his "Beautiful blue eyes or his huge dimples". Ben is really starting to enjoy him too. Men are just different than women, they need a little more time to totally bond with the baby. Even though, havinv a 3rd kid has been very challenging for me, I would NEVER in a million years want a life without ALL 3 of my boys! I grow and learn so much from my kids. I love them all!
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