Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing in Forsyth

Forsyth Park is an amazingly beautiful park in the middle of Savannah and we like to go there to get some fresh air. There is a splash pad that is great for when we get too hot and need to cool off. Ben ALWAYS has to bring a football wherever we go and he makes me play with him and the boys. This is why I wanted girls... So I could just sit back and be girly, but I guess that just isn't isn't the plan for me. I actually feel good after I have had a nice little workout from throwing the ball around. I guess it's good for me to get involved so the boys don't remember me as a lazy bum:) Like Always, Grey just enjoys the ride and keeps us smiling. He is such a little gift. I can't even imagine life without him!
Brogan and that Hair... out of control. I have cut it off since this pic
Brogan is curious and likes to make friends
Ben, making the boys run a little

You lookin' at me?


joven said...

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tamy scheurn said...

Posey Grey is so cute in his glasses! and Brogan is looking so handsome and older! Love you all!


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