Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swimming.. Kind of...

Well, since no one really has pools around here, I let the kids swim in the hot tub. Don't worry I put the freezing cold hose in it and cooled ot down so it wasn't even really hot. They were all so funny and crazy! I forgot how much Chlorine was in it so Vance had some pretty red eyed when he was done, but he didn't care! My boys just belong in the water! Vance always has! They also love being with all their cousins! they had such a good time. I just hope they don't expect me to let them do this all the time... it wore me out!

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Shums said...

that is so funny, i think we did that as kids in utah.

please grow brogan's hair back out so landon is not the only one mistaken for a girl.


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