Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My BABY BOY is 4!!!!!!

This is just SOOO crazy! I can't believe it has been 4 years since I had my sweet little Vance! We had such a good birthday for him! We got tons of food and just went to the splash park and let the kids play! Vance had so much fun and we did too! He got SOOOO much stuff. He was so spoiled by everyone!
My mom came out to visit for the first time, so she was able to come to his party! We were so lucky and happy to have her here!
He was so tired by the end. I felt bad because I didn't really want him hanging on me while he was wet and freezing!
Vance and his little friends, Jenson and Jaxton! They had so much fun together!
He got WAY too much stuff! and it was all awesome stuff!
The cake was a hit!
Vance almost seemed angry while we were singing to him. I think he was just concentrating!
Vance and Jenson playing in the water
Spiderman Cupcakes... made by Aunt McKenzie of coarse

Vance is just the biggest Joy to have in my life! He is so cute and sweet and funny!
Here are just a few of his most recent and most used quotes....
"When I grow up, I am going to go on a mission to Chuckie Cheez-its"
"Mommy, I just love you"
"Mommy, You are so pretty"
"What THE?!"
"Go! You freakin' car" (not too proud of that one)
"I want to change that baby's diaper" (the baby in my belly)
"I will shoot you with my webs"
"I'm not CUTE! I'm Handsome"
"Mommy, I just want to be your cuddle bunny"
Those are just a FEW!
Right now he loves....
Meteor (monster truck)
Toy story (the movie)
Favorite foods include....
ALL fruit
Apple jacks
"Fruit Beer"
Vance loves to play outside! He is so athletic and enjoys all sports! He loves to ride his bike and razor scooter! he loves to give kisses and "Bumble Bee Hugs"He is SOOOOOO animated! He is always making the funniest faces, smiling and raising his eyebrows! He brightens out world in so many ways and I can't imagine my life without him! WE JUST LOVE HIM!

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everydayjami said...

I love this post, especially the quotes! I miss Vance, he's such a cutie! I miss you too. Call me soon.


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