Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stones and Swine Flu???

well well.... I had kind of a crazy 2 weeks of illnesses! One night I started having the worst pain in my Back, Side and Abdomen. I figured it would pass but when it didn't I called my OB and he said I needed to head to the ER because it sounded like appendicitis. I got to the ER and could barely move, but after a couple test, the were able to tell me it was just Kidney stones. I kind of felt like an idiot, but the pain was SO bad, But I was so happy too have some relief from the pain! About a week later, I came down with what I thought was the worst Flu EVER! I was so sick that I couldn't even open my eyes! All I could do was lay in bed and NOT MOVE! After Throwing EVERYTHING up for 36 hours, my doc said that I needed to go in and get hydrated. They took me right back as soon as I got there and Got me going on IV fluids and Meds. The Dr came in and said that he thought I had swine flu and he needed to test me ASAP! SICK! Of coarse, It wasn't SWINE FLUE! He said I had no trace of any Flu, so he thought it was just kind of viral thing. They had to keep me a while because my blood pressure was so low, But after a while, I was sent home feeling just a tad bit better. It took me another couple days to recover and I am feeling much better now! I really can't remember ever being that sick! It was so terrible. I am so lucky to have an awesome husband who is so good at taking care of me! Not to mention that he was not feeling so well himself! Also, I have my wonderful In-laws to help with food and my boys! They are all so GREAT!
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